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12:09pm 14/02/2007
mood: bouncy

AH! ...*sniff* ...where am I?
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11:44am 02/02/2007
mood: scared
This... is.... scary.

And there's no one I know.... What am I going to do? Any proper demon lord would be fine here, but me?!? Ah.....

Eclipse?! Eclipse!!

((ooc: strikeouts on holiday))
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Sun go boom   
03:23pm 19/11/2006
mood: scared
Eclipse? Eclipse where are you? I...

Miss Alexiel? Mr. Satan? Someone! I can't hold back the monsters much longer. Dark arrow has minimal effect and they just keep coming...


Connection terminated

Connection re-established

Everything's dark... I don't know what to do...
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04:42pm 13/11/2006
  A lot of people sure seem busy... I wonder why.

I hope everything's okay... but I get the feeling nothing is...
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02:21pm 01/11/2006

Where is that wretched boy who unfortunately shares the Raenef lineage.

Eclipse, where are you? We have business to attend to (starting with the death of that boy. You wouldn't betray me again, would you?
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Wonder of Wonders, Miracle of Miracles   
02:47pm 22/10/2006
mood: awake
Gil came back, which is good since Agito came out of no where and there was blood and...I used Dark Arrow and tried to keep him back, but he was just so aggressive ._. I didn't want to hurt him. Now everything seems to be okay, so no worries everyone ^_^

And now everyone's talking about Halloween. What's a Halloween?

In other news...

Eclipse is here! He's here He's here He's here He's here He's here He's here He's here He's here He's here He's here He's here He's here He's here He's here He's here He's here!!!

And, um... I'm glad. It's been a while since we've seen each other. I wonder what he thinks of me... I have been training to become a good demon lord, but it was nice to run away from it all, even if it was a little while. I hope... no, nevermind.

I should go and look for him. He probably thinks just saying "Go" will allow him to turn up where he wants to be. It doesn't work. I wonder if anyone else in Vertere can teleport.... It'll be nice to know just a little more than him this time, won't it? So Gil, Akito, and everyone else: I am off to look for Eclipse!

...does anyone know where an Eclipse might be?

Oh... there's a music box on my table in Gil's house. I wonder...

((ooc: I get the feeling that a demon idiot wouldn't know what Halloween is....))
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Mild Fear   
09:58pm 17/10/2006
mood: scared

There's blood on the walls. Agito took over Akito's body and now there's blood on the walls. I don't know where it came from. It might be mine..... Needless to say, I'm scared. I won't can't do anything, not even turn off the Macarena song that he put on repeat.

...This has to end. Tonight.
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10:08am 07/10/2006
mood: confused

These moving things outside at night look like the crusaders that protected me when I was in the castle. They are still very scary though... Are we being protected or are they protected against us? I don't understand this at all...
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11:20am 30/09/2006
mood: anxious
Gil's hurt!

I got to see Eclipse...mmm....


....There is a man pretending to be Lucifer!
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Be Careful What You Wish For...   
03:33pm 25/09/2006
mood: accomplished
I've been thinking of these Paradises for a while. What should I wish for?

I could wish for something that's long term. I want to go home. I want to see Eclipse. I miss him...a lot. I even want demon lessons because I want to be the best Demon Lord ever... at least for Eclipse. And I want to see my friends like Chris and Erutis. I even wouldn't mind seeing Krayon, even though he's kinda weird. I don't care what he says, those are french fries in his hair, not curls!

Or I could wish for something close. I want the people around me to be happy. I want demons to be happy everywhere, as even demons within their demon circles are sometimes...not accepted. I want my friends to find their own happiness.

Maybe that's it. For Paradise, I want to see others happy. It's not important if I am not. At least not for now. It's...my only real wish.

Maybe I should talk to Sephi...er...Set...no, that's not it.... Seraphim....? Er... him or Adam Kadamon. I wonder if that's a fair wish...

Oh! Akito and I got flowers for you, Gil. Look:

Well, it's purple, like your hair and gold like mine. How did that happen!?! like your eyes and Akito-kun's too ^_^ We want you to feel better~

So...um...could you smile? Please?
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03:25pm 23/09/2006
mood: awake
I saw Ranmaru post something about flowers and wanting meet someone (Yaya? Yoyo? Yankee Doodle? I don't know ._.) in an orchid. I thought that was such a nice idea too. Maybe if we all had something cheerful to think about, we wouldn't be so depressed all the time.

Gil and Akito should see some flowers sometime. That would be nice. Especially Gil. He looks particularly troubled sometimes

Is there anything I can do to make everyone feel better? Eclipse wouldn't want me to, but he's not here so we just won't tell him, ne?
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Just for now   
11:51am 21/09/2006
mood: amused
VAVA says I'm fictional because I'm a demon. I thought I was fictional too, before I knew I was a demon.

...no, wait. That made no sense. I'll try again.

Before I knew I was a demon, I was a part of the thief guild. The only demons I knew of lived in the north and they had dark hair and dark eyes and... kinda like Eclispe ^_^

I don't know why I'm writing all of this. I think I'm a little homesick. I mean, I used to run away from home just to see how Eclipse would act. Now... I can't get home at all.

Akito/Agito and Gil are nice though, so maybe I'll be okay. Just for now at least....

...except Gil looks out of it. I should see if he's okay. Maybe I'll give him hug, just because...well... I can. And it's not because his hair is purply and cool looking. I promise.

The shabby locking of a young Demon Lord aka he locked it...and failed...Collapse )
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I think something's wrong...   
11:44am 15/09/2006
mood: curious
I am a demon, but I don't act like it. Even worse, I'm a Demon Lord. I was taught that I had to destroy cities and villiages and even kill if I had to. But... I don't think I'll ever be able to do that. I feel uncomfortable talking about it, even thought it was Eclipse who told me that one day I would need to.
Now...Gil is sick. He's a demon (I think...) yet what seems to be intoxicating him isn't affecting me. That's wrong. But hurting others is wrong too...

Does anyone else feel really at peace, though? I...feel kind of calm. Maybe it's from that angel that knew my name with me knowing his...hers...theirs... Reminds me of Alexiel, because she's so pretty. And kinda like...Lucid? Lucina? Luchi? ...er.... the other guy, but not so much like him I know this...what's his name? Lulu?

There's something missing. I feel like there's a reason behind this, I just can't figure it out..and...


I guess I'll just help nurse Gil back to health, if only I knew where we were....

I'd like to just close my eyes and open my heart to something new, if I can...
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08:44pm 14/09/2006
mood: confused
I can't teleport to the Castle even if I want to now. This isn't good. Eclipse is going to be upset with me if I don't get home soon.

...I see...light hair (maybe bluish?)...hm...

Hee, he looks kinda like Gil...maybe? I dunno. I should ask if it's him ^_^ Except I feel a little shy....nnn....hmmmm....what to do?
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So, I'm not so lost anymore, but still...   
10:23am 25/08/2006
mood: content
I saw Luci-chan walking around here, which is nice because he didn't tell me to go to Hell! I think he's only nice to me because of Alexiel, and I don't know why ._.

Alexiel is really pretty, from what I know, but she got warped to..um... another place. *pout* I hope I get to see her soon because really, it's starting to get scary with Lucifer. He almost threatened to kill me, but muttered something about Alex. I don't know who that is, but I'll have to thank them later.

If anything, I should be collecting data like Eclipse taught me. So...


...all right, I'm done ^_^
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02:15am 24/08/2006
mood: scared


So the worlds are all topsyside again and I tried to get back to the castle to see Eclipse BUT THIS WORLD WON'T LET ME WHAT AM I GOING TO DO?!?!

Okay, calm down. Deep breaths. There has to be some way out of all of this...

I'm a little lost. Is there anyone here that knows me?
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Please check the lists   
02:08am 24/08/2006
mood: calm
This journal is apart of ad_interim
17: YAY!   
03:17pm 27/06/2006
mood: ecstatic
I looked around the journals and there are a lot of nice and cute people here! I like the boy with the hat a lot, as he looks adorable, as well as the cute boy with the blond hair. The seem about my age at least ^_^

Misha-Misha, I'm coming for you now! Pack up! ^_^ We might make a detour, though, but don't tell Eclipse~. I really don't want to go to my lessons....
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16: ^_^   
11:05am 22/06/2006
mood: energetic
I went to this con-veni-shion thing and had a good time! I got in for free because the girls said I was cute! Everyone was in costume, but these girls kept pinching my cheeks. It was nice at first, but then I had to start running away~ ^_^ Oh, and then these guys started saying I was cute, which was really nice too!

Everyone thought I was in a costume though o.o I don't get it. Misha-chan or someone want to explain that one to me? I'm a little confused.

Anyway, they had this hall cosplay award thing and I got first because I supposedly look so much like Lord Raenef ^_^ YAY! I look like me! ...I don't get it, but it was nice to win! And then, they had a masquerade with lots and lots of funny skits. I didn't get all of them, but it was great!

Just before the masquerade though, the con staff took a recording machine thingie which displayed the crowd on these big screen thingies. So me and my new friends (who said they were Kingdom Hearts cosplayers) stood on the seats with signs. The 'Sora' one had a sign that said "Marry Me, Riku!" I don't know who Riku is, but that was really funny, so I...


^_^ nevermind!

New York is a lot of fun, but I should pick up Misha from O-hee-oh and head back home!

OH YEAH! I found a place called Tower Records, were I got a lot of party music! See Eclipse, now we have party music for parties!!!

((ooc: Needless to say, me and Caroline iwakura , aka Eclipse to Rae, had a good time at AnimeNEXT ^_^))
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FIFTEEN! ^_^   
01:10am 15/06/2006
mood: crushed
Unseen by the mean/evil people known as my father and his...friend.Collapse )


Annd... I just got to this place called 'New York'! There are a lot of people here, some of them are making costumes. I think I just saw one of me. o.o One of them just mentioned something like a con or cosplay or something? I dunno! Someone just handed me a flier for 'AnimeNEXT'. What's that about? ^_^;;;

((ooc: Two guesses to who's going to AN this weekend and the first two and a half don't count, losers!))
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